Oval rings, power meters and power match

Hi all,

I’ve had a quick search, but couldn’t find anything as specific as this, so hopefully you’ll forgive this newbie if this is a duplicate.

Like many of us, it’s looking quite likely my A race for this year will be cancelled. If it is, I’d like to use the opportunity of not having a looming A race to test out oval rings on my TT bike.

My set up(s)

TT bike with single sided 4iiii precision or Road bike with Quarq Riken
Elite Drivo - Power match used on anything below threshold, resistance mode for threshold and above (inc. Ramp Test)

As I say, I’d like to test using oval rings on the TT bike which I understand will result in my 4iiii reading about 2% higher. I usually stick with one bike on the trainer for a training block (i.e. if I test on my TT, I will use that on the trainer until at least my next test), but I will use both my bikes for outdoor rides during that time. Currently I’m primarily a triathlete and my A race for this year is/was an IM, so I’m using my TT bike a lot.

Is there anything else to consider for me to continue to use power match? And is there advice you’d give for making sure I use good numbers to train against for outdoor rides?