Absolute Black/PowerMatch

I switched to absolute black oval rings this year to try and take some stress off knees. Will they and power match work well or just use H2 power source numbers?

Oval rings should not have any major effect on your ability to use power match :slight_smile: . In fact, if they smooth your pedal stroke out, PowerMatch may work even better with the oval rings :+1:

Ok thanks. I remembered a podcast where the ovals read higher then round rings didnt know if that would mess things up.

I think it was in relation to Chris Froome

Wasn’t it coach @chad having inflated readings ?

Slightly off topic but I just bought my first absolute black rings … and they are ROUND !!

They look so nice on quarq dfour91 crank.

Going to get some sub compact ovals when I go climbing.

Same here, going to get some for the gravel bike 46/30 ovals on a 110 BCD crank, awesome!

That’s my recollection. I am tempted to try Absolute Black Oval rings but I am worried it will bump up my power artificially and then if I move back to round, my FTP will drop, effecting history etc. Am I over thinking it? :smile:

My new absolute black sub compact rings arrived today 46/30 on a 110 BCD crank!

Will be perfect for gravel and CX stuff that I do, and I can swap back to normal rings quick enough.

The front mech needs a bit of fettling when you fit them, mainly due to the rings sitting slightly onboard of their ‘usual’ position.

Did a workout with them tonight, the major thing was that peddling did not feel different at all. I could not notice ‘any’ difference when using them on a turbo.

The next big thing was that whilst RPE was the same on a tough workout I could sustain a much higher cadence than usual, a good 7-10 rpm higher which is great news for longer rides.

I like the industrial look as well