Multiple power meters...which to use for FTP

So my set up is

2016 Kickr
4iii Precision left side crank on road bike
Quarq dzero on my gravel bike

The Kickr and Quarq read within 1-2% of each other. But the Precision is about 5% lower.

My A race is Dirty Kanza so that will be on the Quarq.

So my question is do I leave my road bike on the Kickr but take off power match so it is using Kickr power? Then ride/race the gravel bike outside. That way I won’t have to worry about mentally compensating for the differing power. FTP will be about the same.

Or do I put the gravel bike on the Kicr and do power match? Figuring my more important intensity rides will be indoors and thus at the Quarq power. The occasional outside ride on the road bike is off but not a big deal?

Or it doesn’t really make a difference. Just make the 10-15 watt adjustment in my head between the two bikes?

Any thoughts 94 suggestions?

I think this is probably the best option.


I would ride the bike / pm I am using for an A race, at least for the latest training leading up to it.

You can have the best of all worlds. You can adjust your 4iiii power meter to match the other two, since they are in sync, through their app. Open the app, go to Precision Configuration like you would to zero offset it, and tap on the settings symbol. You can adjust it up or down from there. I currently I have an Elite Direto trainer and just got a 4iiii Precision power meter for one of my bikes. My 4iiii was reading about 15 watts higher than my Direto. Since I had already started my training plan with my FTP based on my Direto power numbers I decided to dial down my 4iiii power meter to match. Once I get another 4iiii power meter for my other bike I’ll just make sure the two 4iiii’s are aligned and use power match for the Direto.


Wow thanks. Didn’t know that about the 4iiii PMs and the app. That’s a slick feature

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No problem. It was one of the reasons I went with 4iiii over some of the others.