Outside Workouts: What am I missing something?

So when I look at Cumberland vs Phoenix, very similar with the main difference is Phoenix is extended out 15 minutes.

Looking at the outside version Cumberland has the individual steps broken out, while Phoenix doesn’t. Not a huge deal, but sure helps to keep me engaged with the jumps every few minutes and I wouldn’t think it would take much to replicate Cumberland and modify it to make it mirror the indoor workout well. I say that as the 3hr+ workout of Allegheny also has the break outs when compares to shorter Ochoco and Town Hill.

I guess I’m wondering if anyone has found a workaround. I created my own version in Garmin connect with power targets, but the power “speed dial” looks like it reads 3s power when you create your own and somehow TR coded it to read Ave Lap Power (just a guess) as it doesn’t jump around like it does on the self created workout.

I’m hoping in the future at least all the training plan workouts have the outside workouts updated with the specificity that some of the others are, but if anyone has a solution for me, I’m all ears.

All that being said, LOVE TR and think it rocks. This is just a minor annoyance.


Having also stumbled on such differences of the inside:outside workouts recently, I fully agree with your point. Especially about the “engagement” part.

I really like the product. Yet it is annoying if, depending on the workout, I can’t trust the outside workout. It means I need to check it every time.

If I have to replicate the workout myself on TrainingPeaks to get a nicer/more engaging result, then the TR outside workouts are not quite there yet.
The point mentioned at the time was that they are still going through the catalogue and replicating the workouts for outside …

I actually like coming across the workouts which don’t have programmed changes from time to time. For me it means I put my Garmin into “Ride” rather than “Train” and just hit the roads (I don’t even load the workout, just note the power I should be hitting before heading off); this sees me checking on my power far less regularly than I would otherwise and enjoying the ride (whilst probably getting better at riding by feel).

I guess different people go for different things :man_shrugging:


Totally hear that and I go with that too sometimes. Likely to get near 100% of the training stimulus that way, but it would nice to have the option.

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Well, I’ll stick my foot in my mouth on Phoenix. Went to ride it today and thought, hell, I’ll load it up even if it has me ride at 80% for 71 minutes, and to my surprise it was broken up into the different intervals! Score. At one point I just said, bahh, just ride at 80% and keep going, not worrying about what it was telling me. That worked too! :slightly_smiling_face: That said it doesn’t look like Ochoco and Town Hill have that surprise built in as they are totally different workouts. Just thought I would eat as least an appetizer of crow on this one.

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