Outside workout on Garmin FR 945

Did my first outdoor workout today and pushed it to a forerunner 945. Getting the workout to sync over was pretty straightforward. I didn’t really need to do a workout today and was going for a ride anyway so thought I would try this out.

I usually do all my training on a Kickr - so with power but I don’t have a power meter on my MTB so the workout I had was Reveille which is the outdoor equivalent of wrangler I think and it called for 75 mins at RPE of 7. On the Garmin this was HR zone 4 so to make sure I stayed in this zone I set a low heart rate alert at 144 and high at 162 based off my max HR. This was all good in theory but forgot to tighten wrist strap at the start so as always heart rate was a bit sketchy with all the vibration from mountain biking but got that sorted after I realised my heart rate wasn’t right. Operator error :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All in all seemed to work pretty well. Only other thing I did wrong was I did the workout as an indoor ride (duh - old habits die hard) so Garmin didn’t have any gps data.

Have done plenty of rides with HR data but never really riden with any focus on my HR zones ( probably junk miles as Chad would say) so with this feature I can see myself making a bit more use of extra outdoor rides. :ok_hand: