Outdoor workouts experience on a Garmin watch?

Morning all,

I believe @Jonathan does his outdoor TR workouts on a watch, but does anyone else?

How is the experience of holding a set power/being notified of upcoming changes work out in the wild? Don’t want to be always glancing/staring at a watch but am thinking it might be a useful tool especially as the UK is in the midst of a heatwave currently!

I have the Karoo as my headunit so don’t want a Garmin head unit!



I do outdoor workouts on my Garmin 945, and actually find that it works pretty well. The main differences on the watch vs a head unit is the smaller screen (not a problem for me), the watches don’t have the workout data fields like time in interval remaining or power target, but I’ve found a 3rd party connect iq data field that does allow me to show those, and that you can’t turn off the out of power range alerts (you can on the Garmin head units), so if your average power is out of the prescribed range you will get an alert for a few seconds that covers the entire screen, which gets obnoxious for shorter intervals like VO2max and short shorts.

Thanks! Can you link the the 3rd party data field please? Do you wear it on the inside of your wrist or strap it onto the handlebars when doing the workouts?

The data field was originally made for power based running workouts, but works for power based cycling workouts as well. I use one copy for workouts and another for unstructured longer rides. And I also use the quick release mount to put my watch on an out front quarter turn mount.


I wrapped my watch around the handlebars so I could see the screen before I had a head unit. Worked fine for me.


My Fenix 6 shows my power target, and avg power for the split along with time remaining… I’ve been using my watch this last week as my head unit has gone back for replacement… I don’t really rate it very much to be honest as its pretty hard to look at one my wrist, but it does the job and if your getting power on your Karoo in front of you then you only need to look at it to check time left and how your doing so maybe you’ll be ok…

I didn’t do anything funky to set that up, it just automatically goes onto that page when i start a workout…

Can you please share the garmin iq app?

Power target? Do you mean the Step Average Power like on the watch face below?

Showing the Target Power instead of the Step Average Power would make all the difference.

I used one of these for my Fenix before I picked up a 520+. They work well.

There’s a black arrow that moves around the gauge at the top based on your average. It’s not perfect but you can tell what the target is based on the arrow compared to your step average… I just wish the speed field showed 3s power but you don’t seem to be able to change it. I have power on my adjacent page 1 click away, but depending on how intense it is focusing on changing pages can be undesirable. But, if its mounted to the bars then that may not matter, and a custom datafield could actually be a much better solution… My Edge 1030 warranty replacement should arrive within a few days, but I may grab one of those so its handy if I have issues again in the future… :+1:

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Thanks. I thought there might’ve been an update I’d missed. No such luck. :+1: