Outdoor Hill (1min) raises HR much more than 1 min vo2 intervals on TR

Here’s a strava segment from recent(infrequent) outdoor ride. It’s a 1min -8% climb (200m, 15m ascent. HR reaches 150 pretty quickly.

In TR VO2 workouts I don’t get close to 150 in 1 min. I’m in century plan.

However I’d like to ‘train’ this type of effort with more specificity.

Can anyone recommend a more specific workout (anaerobic or sprint) that I can add to my LV plan from time to time to help develop this type of capacity?

Stand up and attack your indoor 1 min efforts just like you do an outdoor 1 min effort. Your HR will likely skyrocket. :slight_smile:

And don’t worry… The 1 min VO2 efforts are just the first step in VO2 training anyway. Your plan likely has you doing two and three minute efforts in the next few weeks. Those will give your heart plenty of stress testing (@120% of FTP).

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What was your cadence on that? Do you have a direct-drive / wheel-off trainer and using TR with Erg? Any difference between trainer cadence and the cadence on that climb?

When you do a TR VO2Max session it might be a good idea to ignore the power target and push your HR to the same as outside.

Dr Seiler does a good piece on VO2max training and some individuals not actually reaching it at a power target.

What you’re doing before the effort will affect how quickly your HR rises, also. A one minute climb after riding however many miles to the climb is different than a 1 minute effort indoors.

A single 1 minute effort at VO2 power levels isn’t, relatively speaking, that hard. As mimod mentioned the vo2 workouts in your plan will progress either in interval length and/or quantity & (lack of) recovery.

As far as workouts optimally targeting AC, they’d be fairly different from what I’d expect to see in a century plan. Along the lines of a 500m sprint followed by 5-10 minutes of noodling around or laying down (which would make for a really boring TR workout).

Thanks for all the thoughts.
I’m in erg mode/kickr direct indoor, and tend to do vo2 intervals at high cadence.
Didn’t have the cadence sensor on for this slope but it was mostly seated, probably 50-60 (I have 34t). I guess some of the additional HR comes from other muscles/core etc, which aren’t engaged on erg as much.
I will try next vo2 workout out of erg mode, particularly for the efforts, give it a much harder effort. At the end of the workout I will probably regret my enthusiasm……


I see roughly 2x the torque/force on a 10% climb at 50-60rpm, versus anything in Erg on my Kickr direct-drive. That is one reason I like doing indoor workouts using Sim mode on Zwift/RGT - it better replicates the force/torque I put down on actual climbs. And turn up realism to 100% (Zwift defaults to 50%).

HR can be funny, I can mentally get amped up about an upcoming hard effort and watch HR climb even though I’m putting out steady easy power. Both inside and outside. When remaining calm, I usually see lower HR at lower cadence for the same effort.