Edge 530 vs Bolt V2

My Bolt V1 is about to die on me. Suspect I have gotten water ingress that is killing of components one by one every time I try to use it.

Since I’m due to leave on vacation in a couple of days where I plan to do much riding I’m a bit in a hurry to replace it which limits my option. Seems like Edge 530 and the Bolt V2 are my options locally.

Anybody have opinions on one or the other? On the one hand I see the benefit of staying with Wahoo for simplicity, but on the other hand the Bolt V1 has given me just enough hassle over the years that a switch (back) to Garmin also seems like a tempting option.

I made that exact switch a few years back. Loved my 530 til it started having issues with elevation calculations. Was able to get it warrantied twice both of which never calculated elevation properly. Then the final 530 locked up. I got that warrantied with an 830. The altimeter didn’t work out of the box so I’m now on my second 830. Guess what doesn’t work right on it. That’s right, the altimeter is faulty. I’ll be on my 3rd 830 in a month soon. Ridiculous! But Wahoo is no better & I refuse to go back to them after my perfectly functioning Bolt failed after a forced firmware update.

I suspect there are plenty of stories regarding buggy units for both of them. My Bolt V1 has been acting up slightly for the past couple of years, but never enough to buy something new.

Probably just have to decide on one of them and hope for the best that the unit is a good one.