Our Training Plans are Improving

Thanks i’ll try this method…

I use the iPad app to control my sessions, I sometime pause mid interval just to change between erg or resistance or even to change the resistance setting depending on what’s coming up.

Would it be possible to add a training mode button to the work out screen to easily change this without having to pause?


I disagree as there is significant use of VO2 max, Threshold, Anaerobic and Endurance when you look at the broad selection of plans they offer.

So many in the Base, Build and Specialty go beyond just SST.



If ever Chad does design any new workouts to specifically cover 10 mile TT’s, I would “happily” be a guinea pig.



I will look into the Sprint Distance Tri Speciality plan - thank you.

Nope, that’s not soon enough! I’m gonna need it by Jan 15th :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

and i need mine now :confused: lol

Loving this thread. Keep up the great work @Nate_Pearson and everyone else at TrainerRoad.

I think it is great that the TR staff is constantly looking at their workouts and making adjustments. To me as a subscriber it more than justifies the cash outlay for TR. After watching the podcasts on Youtube and viewing the other available content it is apparent to me they understand their customer base and provide quite a value add to the training process.


So you’re not supposed to be able to complete workouts between the first two ramp tests???

Not much of a “learning curve” on the ramp test. As I understand it, that’s one of the reasons it is suggested over the 8 or 20-minute efforts. You simply go until you are absolutely unable to complete a pedal stroke.

It’s usually not so obvious, though, especially not early in the workout. Just because I rarely “fail” a workout doesn’t mean the workouts are “comfortable.” I don’t really know for sure until the end when I’m assessing the workout that I can conclude that the workout was hard but eminently doable. The only thing that really makes me wonder during the workout about whether I am at the right level are all the comments in the text about backspinning or skipping intervals.


If it feels hard but doable I would suggest you are probably in the right spot. It’s not possible to say with any certainty whether your FTP is exactly right and you will still get benefit from the efforts.

I can’t speak for Chad’s intentions with the workout text but it seems to me that there will be a range of people doing the workout and their abilities to suffer will vary. If you don’t need the backspins etc then I wouldn’t worry too much.


This is why I haven’t published it yet. I’m going to get a confidence interval on the results and need to do a lot more work.

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The intent of a VO2 workout like that is to be fully recovered in between interval sets. Chad was going off of Seiler’s recommendation that riders only need equal rest between intervals to interval work ratio for Vo2 Max efforts. That statement doesn’t hold true with our users.

We’re trying to fit a workout in an artificial 60-minute chunk, so we were shooting for the least amount of rest between intervals that was needed. We can edit the larger gaps and make the rest more uniform and increase the compliance rate of the workout without changing the desired adaptions at all.

Make sense?


Yes, we’ve been working on this. It’s on hold while we improve our desktop app, but I think we’re really close to cracking this.


We agree with this, especially in SSB. If you’re recovering well you could add volume, by either a high plan or +1 versions of workouts. There will be a point where you can’t do anymore. It’s not fun to find that point though.

Think of your training in terms of weeks and months of consistency. This is what makes fast riders.


Would there be a significant change in user take up of sessions of 1hr 10m? I appreciate that an hour is a significant point in our human psychology and can change the users perceptions somewhat.

Now you have the extend Cool Down feature might there be mileage in keeping the ‘official’ cool down to a minute or two and advise in the workout text that if time is available it would be sensible to use it? That could potentially make your useable hour slightly longer and enable more recovery time between intervals.

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It’s totally sensible to increase the cool down period if you feel like you need it.

We don’t want to always have it be a minute though, because even though the feature is there, some people don’t use it.


…With all this Spanish Needle talk, I’ve got it scheduled for this Friday (week 1 general build)… wondering if theres any tips for completion or a workout substitute @chad

and with regards to the recent SS2 low/mid vol changes… I was on the old low version; week 4: successful Spencer and had to do the last block of Leconte at 85%… I let that semi-completion mentally derail my week 5 (only completed Lamarck-ish outside, Kaiser was a flop lol).

Also @Nate_Pearson where can i subscribe to live training plan update notices or the like?

This needs to happen in the athlete’s page and the apps otherwise it’s useless. Way more important than referrals… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The ‘Training Plans’ tab should have a number indicator whenever there’s an update to a plan.