Orbea Oiz Owners - Seatstay / Heel Clearance

I know there’s a few Oiz owners on the forum. Trying to get an idea if this is a common issue or if i need to actively address it somehow.

I’m striking my right heel on the seatstay of my Oiz to the point where it’s rubbed through the paint now (although the MyO paint is notoriously fragile i think).

I’ve had a fit so i think my cleats are in a decent position. Though they are biased laterally outward, there’s still clearance at the crank, and the angle seems reasonable and symmetric with the left foot.

At the inward rotational limit there is about half an inch clearance on my left heel and slight interference on my right, makes me think there is quite significant asymmetry in the rear triangle, which isn’t a surprise… but has anyone else run into this problem?

I’ve put some clear tape on for now, but i think that might rub through.

Oh yeah, this happens to me for sure but it happens on every bike I ride as I’m duck footed. I’ve easily solved my problem with 16mm ti pedal spacers. Since you’ve mentioned having a fit, that may not be an option for you but I’ll say this & take it for what it is, some random jackass’ opinion on the internet: fit on mtb is nowhere near as important as on a road or gavel bike. You’re in & out of the saddle, shifting fore & aft on it, hinging, etc. the fit just doesn’t come into play as much because you spend so little of your time locked into a static position. I could be & am not at all worried about being wrong about it but I know what works for me. Adding those spacers has been a game changer for me -no more wearing through carbon stays or cranks or into the heel cups of my shoes. An option that will protect your frame is some kind of frame protection material but that’s just a bandaid for the real problem. When it gets light out, I’ll snap a few pics of what I’ve done on my bikes & post them here.


Here’s the setup. It does increase Q factor of course but after I started riding fat bikes, it does t bother me at all & I’m 5’5” with stumpy little legs.

You can see where I rubbed through paint & primer down to the bare carbon on the seat stay with the frame protection sticker on it.

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Nice, thanks for sharing! Interesting to see you have pretty much the same wear and location as me!

I don’t really have this issue with my road or cx bike which is a bit annoying for me, also that it’s only on one side even though my cleats are symmetric… and it’s not like it rubs on every rotation, just now and then. Hmm…I’ll have a think about what to do, i still have space to move the cleats right out at least before i look at spacers.

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Now I’m going to have to check my Oiz chainstay when I get home. I’ve never noticed my heal hitting other than just once in a while. I haven’t noticed any significant wear when cleaning bike or lubing the chain but I will double check.

My feet normally point toe out some and I set up all my pedals to mirror that (or use Speedplays on my road bike which have plenty of float to accommodate).

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I had the same issue with my 2021 Oiz. It only happened with an older pair of Shimano shoes. Now I’m using newer Shimano s phyr and it’s gone away. Some shoes seem to have a wider profile I guess. My sidi dominators are okay too.


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I rubbed mine to the carbon on bith sides in 2 weeks, Oiz OMX 2021 last summer. Wrapped both sides with 3M film (8mil), hasn’t warn thru with 1500 miles.

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I rather hit the right chainstay on my 21 Oiz. No issues with the paint there but it is known that Orbeas paint quality is not superior. I see this on myn non-Myo at other places. Great bike (and I like the brand) but the paint is something where they can improve.