Optimising Ironman Race Day Nutrition

I’m looking to improve my race day nutrition, In general I follow a high-fat low carb diet, I’ve been lab-tested and it shows me being fairly well fat-adapted however when start to burn fat its at a resaonably high rate.

For ironman I use Maurten Gels and SIS Beta Fuel, I also use a couple of MCT gels on the bike i find this really helps to cognitive function, so for example, if I’m on the bike for 5 hours I would have 1 bottle of Beta Fuel and 1 Maurten Gel per hour, then on the run I would have a gel an hour

Main question is there anything on the market more suited to fat adapted athletes, are there products which mean I wouldn’t need to have such a high volume of drink and gels and have some solids on the bike and should I be considering electrolytes?

During hot races I will take salt tablets on the run, any advice appreciated

I have questions about this as well. On the bike, are you taking in any additional liquids per hour? 1 bottle/hour, especially in hot temps, would not be sufficient hydration for me based on my ridiculous sweat rates…

Hi there, we have some discussion here:

And keto approach here

Fluids I think tends to be very individual and also vary greatly by weather. Personally I like the advice that you should be drinking enough to need the toilet after and hour or so on the bike :slight_smile:

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