Optimal recovery between intervals

Hey I’m curious what the best way is to maximize recovery in rest intervals between work intervals.

For example I recently did “Sierra” which has two minute rest intervals between increasingly hard VO2 max efforts. Do the legs recover better by fast cadence spinning or by barely turning the pedals over to minimize activity at all? Are there scientific studies to confirm one strategy vs. the other.

Also, I have my triathlon bike set up on my trainer and often ride the rest intervals in the TT position to completely rest my upper body. I am definitely more efficient at putting out power in the upright position so should I be resting upright instead (of note, I do the work intervals in the upright position).


Right for entertainment during Z2 rides. A lot of people beside Weber and their opinion.

This is likely to be very individual. However, I would do whatever feels better and reduces RPE, but keep the legs moving forward or backwards. Then make sure normalize your cadence before going into the next VO2 interval.

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