Online retailers with saddle demo programs

I am looking for a new saddle and none of my local shops offer saddle demo programs anymore. Does anyone know of any online retailers that offer saddle demo’s? Something where you pay a deposit to test out some saddles, and when you return the demo saddle(s) your deposit goes towards the purchase of the one you pick.

Depending on the brands of saddles you want to try, some offer returns within 30 days of purchase. Specialized and Trek/Bontrager are the two I know do it, and others may have similar policies. So, you may be able to buy local, test and then return if you don’t like them.

It’s not a “demo” program, but you can still try and return if they don’t work.

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I really want to give an SMP saddle a try, it they are a little on the pricy side to just buy with out trying out first.


There should be a “saddle swap” program in some shops, almost like those small used book swap libraries where you give/take one that you finished and take a new one.

I suspect most of us have a box of saddles we tried and don’t use. Would be great to take those in to a location, and get a direct swap for something else to try and/or keep. Probably a hassle for whoever ran it, but there really should be something better than the buy and try, since actual demo programs are few and far between.

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you can test many of the saddles for 30 days and get your money back, if they don’t fit.

(not sure though, if this shop also exists in the US :thinking: )

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Dash and ISM both have saddle demo programs.

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