Money back gurantee on saddles

I am looking for cycling stores/ websites that let you test saddles with a money back guarantee. I know many brands like specialized and bontrager do a 30-day guarantee, but this means being stuck with that brand and having to return it to a local store which is tricky with COVID. I tried some test/demo saddles with my LBS, but they got fed-up after a few trips and wanted me to book a new bike fit every time I tried a new saddle.

The best I have found is Mantel who do a 30 day money back guarantee on a wide range of saddles, but was wondering if there are any other similar sites?

The question is… what kind of saddle are you looking for…

Maybe because you can change it within 30 days, you dont give saddles a proper chance?

My LBS, sells specialized. They let you try for 30 days. The fitter there was knowledgeable enough to recommend a saddle the fortunately worked well for me.

I am after a performance road saddle for crits and road racing

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Serfas offers a money back guarantee on their saddles. Tried a few out this winter from my LBS and was refunded each time no questions asked. I ended up getting a Selle SMP saddle thru Colby Pearce Coaching. They are very pricy saddles but Colby offers a demo program that costs $20, if you decide to purchase an SMP saddle thru him that $20 fee is then applied to the purchase of the saddle.

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I feel your pain man.

Saddles are so personal.
Tri people seems to LOVE ISM saddles. I cant use them… I hate them…
My tri bike has a road saddle and I love it. Maybe because the ISM was so uncomfortable, I just picked the first one that worked for me and didnt want to change.

I know Specialized make very good saddles and people seem to like them. Maybe looks for a different Store that will not require a fit every time?