Online coach/consultation service (in conjunction with TR)?

I was curious if anyone was familiar with a coaching/consultation service provider that has “paired” themselves with TrainerRoad?
My situation:
I am about 3 years into endurance sports and cycling. Masters, approaching 46-years old, rider. I am a low-mid volume rider and looking for more gains hopefully in FTP. Currently sitting at or just above 3 watts/Kg.
I feel like I am getting more fit and looking forward to my next FTP test in about 10 days, however, I feel like I have also stagnated/plateaued a bit and not been able to improve as much as I should be able to the last 6-months or so. Not based on anything more than a hope or a wish, but I would like to think I have another 30 watts or so I can find to get to 3.5 watts/Kg. 4 watts/kg would be amazing, however, I want to be realistic between my genetics, age, time to train, life, …
I consistently find myself not being able to meet the target of the TR workouts (dumb trainer with power pedals). Naturally, my compliance declines at the latter stages of longer intervals as well as later in the workout for shorter intervals.
I am a bit puzzled why this is when the ramp test establishes targets which I assume should be attainable provided some base level of fitness. I am curious if my VO2 or anaerobic is overdeveloped as compared to my aerobic system (hence overestimating my FTP)? Or maybe I just don’t have a properly developed base level of fitness still being relatively “new” to endurance training? Forget about my FTP as a number but just why I cannot have 100% compliance to the TR workouts?

I would like to get a smart trainer but I feel it would be a waste as in erg mode I could not complete my TR workouts. I would either have to reduce the target percentage or go in dumb mode which in a large way takes away from the benefits of having a smart trainer.

I am curious if another set of professional eyes on my training and some interview questions or whatever, may be able to root out some areas I can focus on to maximize my training time? As I am just an ageing masters athlete hacking away on my own (with TR of course), not even doing any racing (just some fondos), I am not looking for some uber professional (i.e. expensive) coach. I wonder if there is some professional I could pay a consultation fee(s) to and have them review my training and provide some insights over a few sessions. If anyone knows someone that does this and has also worked with the TR system, I would be curious to know.