Coach to review training progression on TR

Finishing up SSmvII, feel stronger but feeling fresh after 3 days of rest i decided to throw in a Ramp test with disappointing results 3w+

Do you guys know any coaches or services that review your training progression on TR and can give advise on what areas need improvement?

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Check with @brendanhousler. I used him last year and he is great. A couple of differently monthly options.


I’ve often thought that TrainerRoad is leaving money on the table by not having ala carte consultations to offer more personalized guidance on the TR plans. I figure that Coach Chad possibly has too much on his plate for 1-on-1 consultations, but TR could setup some sort of structure to bring on sub-contractor coaches who align with a specifically stated TR training methodology. These sub-contractor coaches would offer appointments for 30-60 min consults via phone or Skype. Part of fee to coach and part of fee to company. Virtually pure profit for TrainerRoad and a stronger relationship to the customer base.


Exactly what i was thinking! Perhaps its difficult for TR to implement that service but i guess third party number crunchers :stuck_out_tongue: could fill the gap.

I like self coaching and think i am getting better at it, although a second opinion on the structure and perfomance might be required after a while.

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The problem you’ll get is that a non TR coach may have wildly different opinions on the training itself so if you’re committed to using TR, you’d likely need a TR input.

The “I only added 1w to a ramp test” threads are stacking up these days, I’m not sure why. The test is one day out of many. Not sure if others agree but retesting, unless you’ve done something quite different in terms of load or intensity than before is likely not to yield huge swings in FTP. On other day you might have made it to the next step, on a different day you could have gone back.

On the flip side, by training consistently you’ve quite possibly improved lots of different areas, maybe just not you’re overall FTP.


Try the 20 minute FTP test in another few days. I suspect you’ll do much better on that.

I just did Lamarck, 4x10 min at FTP, feel like i can add a few % HR was in the tempo range, my aerobic fitness has gotten way better, gonna keep on grinding, hoping that general build will go well. And i think that i will do the 20 min test next.

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FTP value not always gives you the whole view so I use GC to collect all wo data , from TR but even outdoor (TR->Strava->GC), and watch at the trend pages to have a complete view of my progress

GC? Whats that

an app to analyze power data coming from various sources

thanks for the rec Sandy. @Magnus_Smarason, happy to take a look at your data if you have rides loaded into TrainingPeaks free account, so that I can upload the data to WKO.



Sounds like a great plan thanks! I will be in touch after the hollidays!

sounds good, shoot me an email at; timeline is about a week to get a full analysis back to you from when we link and i have some intro questions.

enjoy the holidays!

I here this from time to time and i have done this myself. End result was a very small change. The next set of rides for the next few weeks did feel easier and i did retest 4 weeks later which resulted in a 10% bump.

It makes me questioning whether it is good to train at FTP or is it better to be slightly lower than measured FTP for ride success and mental satisfaction of I am getting stronger.

We get hung up on a measurement of FTP, when it is really just going to base our next round of training as some % of that magic FTP number.