Women's Time Trial Suit

Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find a great fitting aero suit for time trialing? I’m thinking about Nopinz suits but other than that, it seems almost impossible to find TT suits for women! Anyone else having this problem?

Try Jakroo. I’ve seen reviews from female riders about their skinsuits (no personal experience). Also, Endura make them: https://www.endurasport.com/womens/c/wSkinsuits (:money_mouth_face:!)

The ladies on my team all like the Louis Garneau Course Skinsuit (and I love the men’s version). Less of a TT suit and more of a road racing one (or in my case CX and XC). Fits small.

Verge Sport They now offer their “go fast” speed suit with the No Pinz pocket. My team has been with Verge for about a decade and the treat us very well. They will ship you a fit kit with the different sizes so you can get the right one.

I have used the male version of this company’s skinsuit for a few years and i’m happy enough with the
quality,performance and cost.

I see they also do a womens suit,maybe worth checking out.

Nopinz are fantastic with answering questions on fit & sizing - can’t comment on their womens suits but the mens TT suit I wear is perfect from their sizing recommendations when I emailed them.

+1 on Jakroo. My team uses them for our kits and I’ve been very happy with all of their different products. I like their Echelon road suit, but that’s also because I like the pockets. Their Flash speed suit is probably more what you’re looking for. You can also custom design your own if you want. (If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll make sure you work with my friend, as she is TERRIFIC in making sure you get what you need.) They are also quite reasonably priced.

I’ve seen some Endura Skinsuits but for women all I found were tri suits. Not enough chamois in those for me if it’s like all other tri suits I’ve witnessed! Am I missing something?

Thanks! I’ve gotten in touch with them and we’ll see what happens.

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Another for Jakroo - I’ll look into that and if I want more information I’ll get back to you to get in touch with your friend. Thanks a ton!

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Thanks everyone for the info. Brilliant - I’m looking into options!

No looks like it was my mistake. I just saw cycling skinsuits on their website and didn’t realise that they were referring to tri suits.