One indoor bike, two very different sized people

Hi all,

Long time lurker here. Apologies if similar has been asked before, but I’ve had a search and couldn’t find anything.

I’ve been using my spare (alu frame) bike on a tacx neo for a couple of years. I like not having to swap my bike on and off the trainer as any impediment to doing the session seems to result in not getting done about 50% of the time. Now my partner wants to be able to do some indoor cycling and unfortunately living in England we’re rather space limited. (No garage, bike is in the spare bedroom etc.)

I want to try and modify my current set up so that both me (6ft) and my partner (5ft 4) are able to use it. Saddle height isn’t so much as an issue as fore/aft of saddle and handlebar reach/height. Is anyone aware of any parts that would allow quick adjustment of these factors that could be used on a conventional bike?

I guess the other option would be to sell the Neo, and get a ‘spin’ type bike, but I can’t see being able to get anything of equivalent quality for the money I’d get from selling the Neo. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

One option to help with saddle fore-aft could be this seatpost.

It shifts the saddle forward 50mm in an instant. You will still need to raise and lower like a rigid one, but this makes a super fast reach adjustment.

Chad’s suggest of the redshift post is a good one.

I’m not aware of anything on the front end, but playing with the spacers on the stem might find a height that both of you can live with. Especially noting that on an indoor trainer, positioning of the shifters, etc is far less crucial than outside.

Just wondering if it might be better to have her bike on it, instead of yours? Or you could get a cheap ‘in the middle’ frame just for the neo. Just thinking that it is easier to make the bike bigger (longer stem and seatpost) than smaller.

Pretty sure there are height-adjustable stems. They’ll probably need an allen key though.

Also, if she is really keen on it, maybe you don’t need a bed in the spare room and have space for two trainers…

Thanks for the help and suggestions, I will look into them, wasn’t aware of the red shift.

She is keen, but (understandably) more keen on having relatives be able to stay to help with baby care…!

Can you get a sofa bed? Or just a smaller bed? Swap the bedrooms around so the larger is for training and guests?

All about priorities :smile:

I’m in a similar situation. But, fortunately, our height difference is only 3". We use a quick-release style seat post bolt and simply switch out our combined seat posts and seats. (Stem reach and handlebar height remain constant.) Given your greater difference in height and reach, you might want to try a Look ErgoStem.

that’s quite a big difference! i can’t imagine that you’re going to find either a compromise setup that will fit you both adequately or something that will be less hassle to adjust between setups than simply swapping a whole bike over. it doesn’t take that long to swap a bike after all…

you could look at a wattbike?

but it’s a fair bit more expensive than a neo. also seems like just as much faff as taking a bike off a trainer would be.

Did you (the OP) ever resolve this as I am facing a similar issue! Partner does not have an 11-speed road bike and the difference in heights between us is 12"! I am thinking possibly of that Redshift Dual Position post (very expensive though) plus adding something like this to the handlebars:
I have not actually received my turbo yet and never used one before, but I hear that changing gear is much less necessary than on the road?

Depends on the trainer. But yes, if you’re in ERG mode, you won’t need to shift anywhere as much (if at all)

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