Maximizing Seat Adjustment

I have an old road bike that I leave set-up on a Tacx Neo2 trainer. I want to set it up so that it mirrors my mountain bike set-up. Is anyone aware of a seat post that would give the flexibility to move the seat fore/aft so that I can match the set-up on my mountain bike.

Not sure if you need to move it forward or aft, but this looks interesting

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Thank you. That looks like an interesting product. I think it would work but it’s kinda pricey. Since I won’t be riding the bike on the road just the trainer I was hoping there was some type of less elegant/cheap solution out there. :grinning:

If you just need one position, how far off is your current fore-aft measurement?

Also, seeing and known the precise seatpost you have now would be useful in making suggestions.

Thanks, here is a pic of the seat post. I need to move the saddle forward about 3 1/8 inches.

OK, 3.125" is about 80mm. That post is 25mm setback per my research. So you are looking to reverse that by more than double a typical seat post which is not a small or normal chore.

I am searching, but the basic direction you may need to go is for a triathlon style “forward” seatpost. Not all that common these days since those were hacks to make road bikes more sporty, but you can find them around used.

Thanks for the quick response and solution.

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