One Day of Crits

Yesterday had two criteriums, Veterans (Masters) and a State Open.

Perfect 15minute warm up
200w, 220w, 250w, 300w for 3 mins and 400w for 20 sec efforts.

The Masters was a 35min +1 lap on a 3km raceway circuit. My whole aim for the day was TSS and training for my A Race TT in March. My aim was to keep a high steady state around my 1hr FTP. I have ZERO sprinting ability, I have gone from being a top sprinter to not being able to sprint out of my own shadow. Of course I saw 7 riders from 1 team, another 4 from another and a couple of individuals line up. I stayed at the front or on the front from the start, covered attack, after attack, after attack and rode off the front for a few long laps. Brought back and covered immediate attacks. Lead around the fast final corner came out of it in 3rd and sat up. Mission accomplished. The teams couldn’t drop me. I covered everything. Did some high TSS.

State Open after a 3.5hr wait, replenished fuel, Cliff Bars, 1 Lucozade, a piece of fruit cake, and sipped on SIS Sports Drink, re rubbed legs with warming up lotion
10min warm up.

Early on I knew I couldn’t cover any attacks. Stead state I can handle and sat at 300w for 35mins of a 40min + 1. Ended up doing intervals to keep my TSS high and finish off my race training day. And Rolled to pits.

Happy with the efforts. Surprised I could cover attacks as have done no 30/30 its all steady state long SST intervals. Following the HIgh 40k TT plan. I don’t know how @Nate_Pearson did 5 crits in two days!!!

Masters Criterium

Tas Open


Nice job! I did nine crits this season, four days with two races… unfortunately three of those were back to back races with 10 min between… no way to recover from that against a fresh field. When I had 90 min between races, I was OK.

In my second races, I found the same thing as you. Snap was pretty much gone to attack or counter, but I could sustain threshold watts just fine, especially after about 10 min in to the race.

Good efforts. Thanks for sharing!