Old training plans

Anywhere we can find old plans?. New high volume is way too easy.

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They don’t have them, but you can go back on the calendar and copy each week… also with the workout levels you can choose harder workouts.

You can read how to use workout levels here…

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So there is no pictures or anything?. I don’t really have the plans 100% as was because I adjusted them some since I did quite a bit more than the hard volumes.

Loved the old plans and buildt my own with that as base.

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I posted Sus Power Build HV screenshots here:


Thank you

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…i wanted to start sustained power build phase mid volume. I took a look to the new plan and, i don’t know, it didn’t convince me much.

Do you know if the mv version is similar to the hv one, that you recently posted?
In that case, maybe I could do the same thing, except for the friday workout.

for most plans, including build, I have found the MV and HV look similar. The exception on the old plans was SSB MV vs SSB HV.

Knowing this, i can use the picks you posted!
Thanks a lot!

I combed through my completed workouts and pieced together a couple of the old plans. No guarantee that these are 100% correct but they should be close.


thanks a lot, @rkoswald!

thank you so much for this!!!