New Specialized Roubaix SL8 (2024)

More links to come as they get released.

groan at the new “Aftershock” marketing BS for well established practice of using seatpost flex, and their prior low mount to increase leverage.


Tire clearance up to 40mm as measured :+1:


Every time I see future shock come up it seems like people aren’t interested in it. Is that true? Is this market hotter than I think? Still haven’t seen that new diverge around either.

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I really don’t like how the seat tube is wider on top than bottom on the recent Roubaix’s. Just not attractive to me.


When I criticize the bike industry for SKU proliferation, Specialized is a a great example generally and this bike is specifically…

Between the Diverge, the Crux and the Roubaix, there is WAY too much overlap, IMO.

They would have been better off just using the suspension components from the Roubaix into select models in the Crux and Diverge lines…zero reason for this line to continue.


I’d buy this in a heatbeat if I were in the market to replace my 2021 Roubaix. Still too expensive though :exploding_head:

I dig the Future Shock on mine, and top tube mounts and bigger tires would make this perfect for non-rowdy gravel rides.


Indeed. If I can have only one bike, Roubaix would be it. But if can have two bikes, I’d rather go with Diverge + Tarmac.


Similar to you, but I went full aero on Tarmac and 48c with external cables and traditional tubes with a Crux

Yeah, there is some overlap between the Roubix, Crux, Diverge lines for sure.

  • Still, there are some notable differences with stuff like drivetrains where the Roub is 2x, Crux is 1x, Diverge offers a mix.
  • Presence of a Future Shock on Roub but missing from Crux is important too. Diverge offers a mix without on the low end and then adds it further up the tiers.
  • Then frame geo comes in with some clear differences between the three.
  • They may be bridging the gap with stuff like tires size limits, but there are still some gaps at the extreme end which might matter to some riders.

Not saying there are clear lines in all cases and as a Spesh salesperson at times, these sure create some fuzzy lines that make discussing and recommending bikes tricky, not to mention consideration of actual floor stock.

Personally, I have lost interest in the Roubaix since the introduction of the future shock. The first implementation was shaky at best, and even though new versions are better, I still dislike the headset design and locking suspension to the frame design. I much prefer separate suspension stems to address the main comfort/suspension issue.

I also dislike the several iterations of the seat post clamp designs they’ve used in this line over the last 3 gens. Just finicky and problematic compared to more basic (boring) clamp designs seen elsewhere. Case in point, I wonder how many multi-tools will be able to set that super-recessed clamp screw? The times I’ve done it in the shop required a long L that is not in most peoples ride tool kits.


Tire clearance only being 40mm max means this is going to be hard pressed to be a gravel race bike. You’d be better off going diverge or crux which can clear more.
This seems like an odd one for sure.


I’ve got absolutely zero interest in suspension on a road or gravel bike. Just weight and more things to go wrong. If I’m riding something that bigger tires can’t handle I’d rather just go for an XC mountain bike. On the other hand options are good, so it’s cool that this exists for people who want it.


Incremental update to what the prior gen should have been. Basically they made it fit wider tires and lowered the seat clamp. They had the Diverge well clear of the Roubaix last go around, Seems like the lack of a downtube box is a big misread of their customer or they just didn’t want to spend money on this bike

I don’t see how this is better then the crux

I was thinking the opposite. Never in my entire riding history have I ever needed bigger than 40mm. With that tire clearance I don’t know why you’d go with the Diverge. Or the Crux though I get the future shock might not go well with CX.

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Do people actually like the downtube box? Seems like an unnecessary gimmick that just adds weight.

Gravel tires will only get wider. 38s used to be big, now you’ve got 45-48. Just like road was resigned to 19-21 for the longest time, people are evolving and realizing wide tires are faster and especially on gravel assist in handling/comfort


Adds about 100gr according to Trek in the Domane RSL vs SLR. The tool bag is 50gr. That’s a bit heavier than a saddle bag, but it looks better and can hold a pecan roll.

Have you ever see a Specialized Roubaix without a mailbox sized saddlebag? The downtube boxes are universally loved by people shopping for “endurance” bikes. The downside is you need a pretty big downtube with a wide back. The door can also rattle or crack.

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Love it. Saves stupid seat bags or bar bags for little stuff and keeps jersey pockets empty. Any bike without them now make no sense given it’s free space.

Doesn’t all the stuff inside rattle? That’s always been my concern.

Less likely to rattle because the tube dampens everything and you can better route and isolate your cables.
I jammed a tube and CO2 in my older Checkpoints Di2 hole and it doesn’t make any noise.