Off season excitement

I’m currently having my off season. Came a bit earlier than planned as I’m a cx racer but I got a really long lasting cold so decided to pull the pin and take a proper break.
After getting past the no training angst, I’m into enjoying not having to fit riding a bike into every opportunity.
Now comes one of the best bits of being an athlete; I start dreaming of future ideas, formulating plans, preparing equipment and generally starting to simmer with excitement about a new year with a fresh body and restored enthusiasm.


I can’t wait! Just finishing up a late end of season base phase, for no other reason than to build a small base before my 2 weeks off. I have two weeks to go and I’m already tired haha.

Same here. I’m doing the FasCat 10-Week Weight Lifting Program and am enjoying lifting lower body while also basically doing Traditional Base. I (finally) get some “intensity” this week with 3 x 10 tempo intervals. Next week has “sprintervals” at 4 x (4 x 15/15).

I revamped my plan for next year using Plan Builder and swapped the 6-Week Polarized plan for SSB1, then onto SSB2 and SusPB and into my first A event. I did Specialty last year before the same event and don’t think it helped or hurt so I’m fine without it this year.