Obtain both trainer and power meter data

Hi all,

I bought an ANT+ USB dongle to allow me to use Powermatch for my next block of training. For my upcoming ramp test, I would like to know my FTP as measured using data from my Kickr (to measure true progress) and from my Quarq power meter (to set Powermatch FTP going forward).

What are my options?

Do you have a garmin? Run one thing to that and the other to TR. I use zwift and a garmin and TR so I’ve got lots of data going lots of places!

@hubcyclist nailed it, two devices is the trick here. Desktop/mobile, mobile/garmin, garmin/tablet, etc. :v:

Easy enough. Just a matter of plugging the value of the last step of the test reported by my Quarq + Garmin into something like https://zwifthacks.com/app/map-ftp-calculator/