Transfer FTP to new Powermeter


I am using a Tacx Neo with Garmin Vector Pedals and Powermatch to ride indoors.
My new bike has a Quarq Powermeter, but is not compatible with the Tacx (10 spd vs 12 spd). What is the best way to get my FTP transferred from the trainer to the new bike? Do some rides outdoor with the vectors and the Quarq, and see if there’s a difference, or are there other faster and better ways?


That’s probably the best way so you know the offset (Quarq always measures +/- 10 watts from Vectors). I would suggest you do different intensity intervals (3-5 mins) to ensue the power curves are consistent as well. For instance, the Quarq may be - 10w as 150w, same at 250w, but +10w at 350w. Also consider the accuracy of 1.5-2% of each PM. So if one is reading at the high end and the other at the low end, then there may be some minor differences. However, they both should track pretty well.

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Easy way to do this:

  1. Connect TR to the Neo, and a headunit to the Vectors (no powermatch, just have Neo drive the power)
  2. Do a ramp test until FTP and record the results
  3. Swap bikes onto the Neo
  4. Connect TR to the Neo and a headunit to the Quarq
  5. Do a ramp test until FTP and record the results
  6. Compare the results from the headunit

Edit: never mind just put the vectors on the new bike and record with two different units (phone and Garmin) and then compare files

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