2 trainers, one plan

I currently have a 2017 kickr. My life has changed a bit , so I will be living part-time in one home and part time in another. First world problem, but I now need another smart trainer. I’d like to spend a bit less less then a new kickr, but I don’t know if it’s possible to do one plan with two different trainers. Any thoughts??

I’m sure it is. Presumably you’ll be using the same computer or tablet/phone to connect to each device - with same TR log in.

Is it power differences between the two trainers you’re concerned about?

Also lol :joy: ‘first world problem’ quote - I use this phrase all the time with folk.

If you use Power Match it won’t be a problem at all. Otherwise, if you are relying on the power readings from the trainer, you may have to adjust your FTP if the difference is significant.

Precisely, I’m worried that the power readings will be different enough to throw off half the workouts

Do you have a power meter? And are you bringing your bike between places?

I will have 2 bikes, one for each trainer (cross and road) but only one has a power meter

I don’t think I can use powermatch since I’ll be using 2 different bikes, and one doesn’t have a power meter

Maybe try craigslist for a kickr like the one you have.

Maybe do an FTP test on both trainers at the start of the plan and then adjust the workout to take into account the differences between the trainers? You’d have to remember to apply the adjustment for each workout at one of your homes, but it would mean you can run the same plan on the 2 devices/bikes.

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Take the bike with the power meter to both locations and figure out the comparative power differences. Do a ride on both trainers with that bike and don’t use PowerMatch - record the data from the power meter separately. That’ll give you the comparison between the known constant (the power meter) and the two trainers. Then you have a relatively simple mapping exercise between the two and you can adjust your FTP between the two locations without having to move bikes all the time


Wow. That’s a great idea!
Thank you