Not quite a feature request....Polar view

I am rocking a NEO 1 for the pain cave. Although it doesn’t have it properly wired in, it did generate the Pedaling Polar View in the Tacx training software (PC version) when I tried it. This is similar to the Watt Bike Widget. However I noticed that the tracking could be randomly sided: So the left of the chart could sometimes map to the right stroke. So I guess there is no absolute position sensor (cadence is FFT on the power signal I would think) on the original Neo. When I asked the Tacx/Garmin guys about this I was assured in the most definitive manner that the polar view was only available with the Neo 2T…

“Err right you are then… I shall just go back to not using it with your own software then!”

I found the thing to be brilliantly diverting and a real boon for working on the souplesse for those long boring rides. As that’s all I am doing with TB at the moment, it popped back into my noggin. So do any of the other trainers offer this thing? Would implementing this into TR even be possible? It would make a very actionable addition to the in-ride Chadisms.

  • The original was the CompuTrainer via their Spin Scan.

  • Elite offers it on some of their trainers via their app.

That’s all I know of right now, but there could be others (Wattbike?)

Also, I do believe there are power meters that offer similar functions. I think the Pioneer and Rotor brands had some options. Again, very possible there are more. It just seems like a fringe tool that has not moved into the mainstream. I kinda doubt there are patent issues, (esp considering the origin is decades ago), but there could be some restriction there too.

Yeah, you might be able to apply it in fitting. But these types of tools are tricky to say the least.

Changes may well be apparent before and after fit changes. But depending on many factors, including the potential need to “adapt” to a new position, the results are far from conclusive IMO.

Most important is to try and isolate the rider from any data during the testing. If they can see it, they will manipulate… intentionally & otherwise. So I have a hard time using these for reasons like that.

Then consider that I don’t know if we really have any good “goal posts” for these tools. There can be a range of ideals, but as with any fitting aspect, it’s not practical to assume everyone lines up in them. Picking when to follow vs ignore that data, like any fitting approach, is one of the challenges in fitting.

I love tech in general, but it gets “interesting” when you apply it to fitting.

I just ordered the Truebike, there the peanut plot is also shown on the screen.

They are only selling in the Netherlands currently, but plans are to expand to he US this year.

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