Not all failed workouts are created equally

I had a question about the logic of how struggle/failed workouts are applied to the Adaptive Training progression level methodology. Recently I struggle/failed a workout and took a few breaks, but pushed through and completed. I didn’t receive any positive adaptations for the workout since it was classified as a struggle, which is fine. I can understand how that applies to both achievable and productive workout categorizations; however, should that logic change when the categorization is stretch?

Intuitively, if I attempt a stretch workout and fall just short, perhaps I should be shifted up slightly? My next workout after that struggle was the exact same rating and I ended up raising the last interval’s intensity. I’m not sure if I was just having a good day or what, but perhaps the .2-.3 difference would have made the following workout more appropriate?

Adaptive training is such an interesting concept and I look forward to all the growing pains in the next few years :slight_smile: