NorCal Cycling Needs Our Help

My frenemy has crashed which resulted in a concussion and partial paralysis of his right arm. He needs our support for medical bills, time away from work, and rehab. Please consider making a donation.

Bryan Larsen is a frequent commentator on the channel and I always enjoy his commentary. I’m sure others here have as well.


I like to donate for sure but, I don’t see the link…(?)

edit…found it.

Here’s the direct link. You can watch the video too… there was nothing that Bryan could have done. :frowning_face: The tubular tire on the guy’s bike next to him rolled, causing that guy to slide into Bryan.

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It’s incidents like this that hammer home just how fortunate I am to be in the UK, having the NHS.

I’ve only recently discovered his channel but he comes across as a really likeable and knowledgable racer. I hope he rests up and suffers no longterm side affects.

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That was awful. I’m glad he’s alive and hope for a full and speedy recovery.

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