Egan Bernal fractures femur / kneecap

Crashed into a bus during a training ride…

So much for the Pog / Rog / Bernal throwdown in July.

Hopefully he can fully recover.


Broken femur and kneecap - hopefully he recovers for 2023 and this isn’t a career ender


Oops I thought you said you had crashed, I hope its nothing serious for Bernal.

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A source has told Cyclingnews that Bernal had suffered a bone fracture, with various Colombian media outlets reporting that he has broken his femur and kneecap.

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Yip I read it three or more hours ago. The first report just said accident, the 2nd said bus and the later ones say minor. :crossed_fingers: the latter ones are accurate. Edit that headline doesnt sound minor :open_mouth:


This is bad to hear. Obviously not all injuries are the same, and recovery is different, but you need to look no further than Froome’s recovery from similar incident to see how long of a road this could end up being.

Oh man…that update does not sound good at all. Way worse than just the broken leg / kneecap.

I hope he can fully recover.

Training on open roads with traffic is not safe. Please be careful out there.

Oh man…this doesn’t sound good at all.

The pic of the back of the bus he hit is bad. He hit HARD.


Bernal is one of the most likeable riders in the peloton, what a disaster! I really hope he can recover but I think everyone has CF on his mind when hearing the news. And then the additional news on MvdP on being further sidelined by his back problems. This does not appear to go away. I really hope we don’t lose two of the most interesting characters in the peloton.

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This is awful news.

I truly hope he recovers well and quickly.

Oh this is terrible to see. I hope he heals quickly and fully :heart:

Just seen on the Guardian

Oh no. The crash sounds very serious (“multiple rounds of surgery”) and you really don’t want to read fractured spine in any sentence involving another human. I hope he makes a full recovery.

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And only 25. My god. I wish him and his family well.

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ICU time isn’t a surprise given what was already known. Every patient with significant multisystem trauma is going to land there regardless of their stability or prognosis. Let’s just hope his quality of life isn’t reduced going forward. I suspect professional racing is over or him (although I hope it isn’t… someone needs to beat the Slovenians).