No traditional base in Custom Plan Builder

I was going through custom plan builder and noticed that you cannot select traditional base when you are customizing your plan, the only selections we have are sweet spot base and polarized base.

What is the reason that traditional base can’t be selected?

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I don’t know the reason but you can manually add the traditional base blocks and after that start a plan. The adaptative training should adapt your traditional base anyways.

Noticed this as well. But you can add the experimental polarized plans so :man_shrugging:t2:

Traditional Base’s unique block length makes it difficult to use as a direct substitute for Sweet Spot Base. This is something we’d like to address in the future.


Looking at the TR plans: SSBI and SSBII blocks each take six weeks which means 12 weeks.

Traditional is broken up into three four week blocks which also means 12 weeks.

Now with that being said I assume the code for plan builder is, more or less, more suited to handle base plans in six week blocks as opposed handling the ‘entire base phase’ in 12 week periods.