Customised training plan based on traditional base

Is it possible to set up customised training plan based on traditional base rather than sweet spot base? I am currently on customised training plan based on sweet spot base.

I have a slightly weakened knee. Been to physio and on exercise plan to strengthen knee.

Physio said that cycling in general can be good for the knee (depending on the kind of stresses imposed on it, of course). During workouts I don’t feel any strain on the knee, but just thinking about long term effects.

Let me know what you think.

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There is no option for Trad Base within the Plan Builder. You need to apply that manually, like the old days.


Thanks for your comment.

If I were to go about applying manually what will this be based on? Matching TSS for each work out or just making sure that total TSS for week matches total TSS for corresponding SS Base workouts for each week?

I suggest reviewing the existing plans, that have 3 Volume levels, and 3 Phases for each Volume. It depends on how much time you have to ride and recover, so choose largely based on that. Comparing TSS to SSB plans may be OK, but keep in mind the axiom “not all TSS is created equal”. This is true here, and should not be the sole factor in your selection of plan volume.

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That’s great thanks.

“Manual” means adding each of the 3 to your calendar, one by one, and not using Plan Builder.

  • add Traditional Base 1 to your calendar
  • add Traditional Base 2 to your calendar
  • add Traditional Base 3 to your calendar

like Chad said, review the plans and pick a volume level. Then add all three to your calendar. Follow the plan.