No longer able to afford TR

I’ve looked at TrainerDay. If you are using Progression Levels and Trainer Road AI, TrainerDay doesn’t measure up. If you are looking for a simple platform for structured workouts and the ability to make your own, its perfect. My son is a sometime cyclist, and was looking for a cheap alternative to keep doing trainer endurance rides through the winter. Trainer Day free is working out for him.


Has anyone tried the Garmin Training Plans or Daily Suggested Workouts? Daily Suggested would be similar to TrainNow in theory.

If you have a Garmin device you have access to these workouts for free.

I switched from monthly to yearly earlier in the year. Thus have another year before I see where exchange rates are. I have Wise multi currency account which certainly means you get close to real exchange rate but even the real one is rubbish vs. USD at moment.

I appreciate finances are difficult for many, that said, I’d rather race anyone using any other platform rather than TrainerRoad.

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How can you say that? Have your tried training with all other platforms?


Zwift and what used to be sufferfest.

IMHO zwift wasn’t as effective in building fitness using structured training and sufferfest wasn’t sustainable. I appreciate that was a three years ago and things may be different now but by the same measure of time this platform has evolved too.


Pick one


I’ve made the same decision today. TR is really expensive compared to competitors, I can have Xert and Zwift for roughly the same price. Also, I came to the conclusion that the much-vaunted Adaptive Training just won’t work for my goals, still no input from outdoor rides, still no options in Plan Builder to specify extra recovery periods for Masters, so I’d essentially be paying top price for a calender (a very lovely calender) and a workout player as I’d have to self-coach myself.

I cannot, for the life of me grasp the logic in charging some customers more than twice the amount that other customers are paying. The legacy pricing absolutely punishes people who may suffer some misfortune in their life and have to give up TR for a while, as was the original reason I gave up my first TR account. To me a fairer pricing structure would be one price that gives everyone the same value.


RE: Masters training:
I heard it said you can’t coach women like “little men.” That resonated with me as a coach… and in the same regards to Masters and youth, you can’t coach them like they are in their 20’s. Of course everyone is different… that is where the art of coaching comes in.

As for the premise of the OP and cost of TR:
I think you need to look at the value of the service. Do you feel you getting your money’s worth? If so… stay… maybe commute to work one day to save gas or skip that coffee. If you can’t justify what you get compared to the competition, well, that’s just business as they say.




TrainerRoad is a lot different than it was years ago, maybe you shouldn’t have cancelled. Everything costs more these days, didn’t Zwift raise their prices too? Bike prices are astronomical right now too the list goes on and on.


Hard to feel too bad for those suddenly having to deal with a crappy exchange rate to the USD… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: #CDN$life


Not to undermine TR business but you could take a screen shot of your last training block and make notes. That way you can repeat, not ideal but a least you have a reference for training.

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Ugh Canadians get the shaft a lot. Remember growing up in WA state and going across the border to Vancouver for ski trips when we were little and it was like being rich (we were not to clarify) as USD worth 50% more.

Back to the subject the exchange rate thing must suck and feel for you all.


But everything is twice as much… It’s not like you can take the USD and buy your dream bike for half off.

Today sure. 20 years ago not so much. Yes higher than US back then but not like now.

Im afraid its not as simple as that it comes down to NOT being able to afford it.


The last zwift price rise as 2017, they did send out a questioner that asked about price rises, and adaptive training, January 2022, but there has been no action on this

The comparison for price with TR is that Zwift charges in native currency, so Zwift for me is 11.99, TR is 20,00 + conversion charges, leaving room for AI based training software like Xert/Pillar/Breakaway, add in TD, and maybe have some spare change


Pillar looks super, duper new. When did they start up?

Can’t see much on the website though :man_shrugging:.

I had never heard of Breakaway or Pillar until 2min ago. They both look like they’ve been created by the same person (webpage wise) and I can’t see anything about pricing or what is actually provided.

Also, AT and PLs are completely unnecessary anyway if one has gained enough experience and knowledge.

Many experienced folks I believe only use TR for the workout library and to control the trainer. TR’s plans are definitely not the strong suite of the platform.