No in ride instructions?

Did Mount Goode today, but even though I ticked the box for instruction (double checked it) no instructions came up during the ride. Are the instructions simply ”Gut it out” or have I managed to screw some other setting up?

Not all the workouts have instructions.


Correct. Mount Goode does not have instructions.

You will see the ones.that do include them listed in the fill details section.


Thanks then I know. Being technically impaired I assumed I had some something wrong…

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It’s easy to get used to them and odd to not have them after that.


Chad could at least sigh hi and wish us good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m resurrecting this thread because I think the instructional text is usually great and helpful. I started the Mid Vol XC olympic distance plan this week and was surprised that Gendarme +6 has no instructions. Not like it’s a complex workout but it’s the first important workout in the plan, I think it would be cool to get at least a little something in cases like this. Also, that’s a pretty hard workout!

I agree, even minimal instructions let you know everything is working and it kinda feels like you’re not alone!

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