Night shift workers and training

REAL Respect for all the night shifters! What volume plans are you all doing?

I’m not a night worker myself, but I get up 2-230am, quick coffee, small bowl of overnight oats, start training shortly after depending on workout duration (currently SSHV) and rush to clean up and leave house 5am for work. Typically have a big dinner at 4pm and in bed few hours after… or try to!
Its been a stinking hot dry summer where I am and the 40deg C (104F) afternoons hasn’t been an option! But getting it done and dusted for the day is a great feeling.

I’m doing LV. I’ve been off the bike for years and never did structured training in the past. I also work a pattern of 4 on, 5 off, 2 on, and 3 off. It’s a struggle for me to be consistent and get rest as this week I’m doing a build phase VO2, suprathreshold, and threshold workout 3 days in a row.