Nice piece about pros nutrition during grand tours

Nice read. A study was conducted with Movistar riders at the Vuelta a few years back, recording literally everything that they ate and drank.


Thanks for sharing!

The fuelling documents released by Sky via the BBC showed that Froome ate only 2,466kCal (10,320kJ) on stage 11, as part of a plan to underfuel on easier stages to reduce body fat and launch an assault on the GC later in the race. The carbohydrate intake was a modest 407g, or 5.8g/kg during that stage, and only 57g per hour on the bike, in what was a hilly but not mountainous stage.

It’s unreal how far they take the weight loss/gain, calculated so much not to risk gaining a few grams on easier days.

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wow, that’s interesting. I’ve been a huge carb loading guy and recently tapered it back…no loss in performance but getting skinnier. thanks for posting this