Next Generation ELEMNT Bolt?

I’m in the market for a new bike computer and noticed Wahoo is out of ELEMNT Bolts on their website. Is it due for a refresh with a new one coming soon? Or is it just due to the uptick in cycling after COVID-19? Anyone know?

PS Debating the Bolt vs the 530 if anyone wants to share any thoughts on which is better.

See this post: Bolt: Climb/Map page combined view disappeared after update, downgrade possible? - #15 by philrcook

So maybe next week we’ll know more…

Looks like there is a wahoo event scheduled for tomorrow. definitely some new speedplay items. hopefully some info on new head units too.

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I read a rumor earlier today that a refresh for the Bolt that includes 1 or more colors is coming. I believe I saw availability coming sometime in April.

@tfelds @AldridgePrior welp looks like just pedals today. no mention of a new bolt

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i cant see any other news, correct