Newbie question

I have trained for years on powertap wheel/Cycleops fluid2. Just got a Direto at good price.
I think when it starts up it is in ERG mode so I have to smash the pedals to a higher cadence before it seems to smooth out.
How should I start a ride to prevent “knee crush?”
I used the elite app and TR simultaneously with a Garmin Fenix and my Joule all running to compare. Is/does that cause interference in use?
Can I be on a course in TR and also show Level or Power mode in Elite app?
I am training using TR so don’t need elite app but curious about integration and uses. Should I just start the TR and connect to the trainer leaving Elite app out?
So when I start say the Antelope 5+ workout, The TR adjusts the Direto resistance for me for the expected Watts target? (Like an ERG setting)
Thank you!

It’s often problematic to mix having two training apps running at the same time. It’s possible to use Zwift and TR together, but only when you turn off “Controlled” in Zwift for the trainer, so Z is just reading power, and not trying to change anything.

Why are you running TR and the Elite app together?

If it’s not necessary, the first thing to try is running TR alone, with nothing else extra. Eliminate any other possible influences and start with a single source.

If you are new to ERG training, please watch ths.

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watched that. Good explanation but still not certain of why I grind before any mode or program has begun?

Are you talking about the trainer as plugged in, with no app running?

What gearing are you in when doing this?

If you’re using the big ring up front and decently high up on your cassette, it might just be getting the flywheel up to speed. Certainly feels like mashing to me when getting started, but standing helps.

yes, no app connected just pedaling it is extremely high resistance like it is on ERG with 300 w.
Small ring.
Should it be easy to spin until it is connected to a program or mode?
what should I be expecting?
How should I begin a workout to use the Direto?

small ring front 25 back