Newbie - is this been asked before? (methinks yes, several times)

Hello TR forum,

Relatively new to TR, and I can easily manage 3 workouts a week.

However, on the days i can do a workout sometimes I’m able to do either longer ones than on my calendar and or more in the 1 day.

Also, there are sooo many workouts and I like looking down the list and trying different ones.

do I,

just do the longer WO on WO variant option?

or find any one I like the look of but keeping in the same zone? (sweetspot, vo2 etc)

I have no specific goals, however that said, I would like to do a solo 5hr-100 mile ride. (i’m not far away, last attempt failed by 4 miles) and I’d like to beat my solo 200 mile ride avg (16.9mph)

but when i will do these is months away in the UK summer.

do I stay on the low volume base and mix up the WO’s and focusing on the TSS upping it?

or am i on the wrong plan?

stay safe peeps

The usual recommendations are:

  1. extend the cool down period and just ride free form but keep the intensity down.
  2. do one of the endurance workouts like Pettit after one of your workouts.
  3. Do an endurance workout on one of the other days.

Which you do is entirely down to you and your schedule.

I wouldn’t be thinking about modifying the plans until you know how they affect you. “This is easy, how can I add more?” is a common question from those just starting out on TR - I did it myself, well I asked the question to myself, then decided to stick with what was prescribed until I knew what worked for me. Remember that the workouts are quite intense and fatigue builds, by the time you get well into the Build phase you might not want to be adding things! Also the plans and workouts aren’t all “full on”, they are meant to be tough but achievable.

Also the LV plan substitutes intensity for volume. The MV plan has more volume (obviously) but the overall TSS is roughly the same week to week so the individual workouts aren’t as intense. Doing the LV plan lets you get out on the weekends if the weather allows.

A good option is doing what is scheduled and adding endurance workouts like volunteer (30 min) or petit (60 min) after the scheduled session. Low risk of burning yourself out, because they don‘t have intensity.


Did volunteer after Geiger, Usually i would Have done geiger +2 but followed your advice.

What about trying different workouts though? I mean, if geiger is on calendar again, as i’m new and there are so many, what about replacing geiger (for instance) with another 60 mi ride within the sae zone?

It’s easy to get underwater pretty fast and sometimes hard to get back above water. I tend to go with @bobw’s suggestions #1 and #3. But I would ease into it. I augmented low volume for 2 years using #1 and #3 before moving up to mid volume and I may actually not do mid volume every block from here.

Plus versions vary - some of them have the same workout portion, and tack on the endurance. Others are more intervals, higher power - i.e. a lot harder. It really depends on the workout. Actually, sometimes the minus versions are the same intervals with shorter recoveries (so more intense), so it really does vary on workout.

Extend cooldown and adjust intensity (I’m on a smart turbo) to 65% ish is what I do more often.

Be VERY careful with this logic.

One thing you’ll learn sooner or later is that the “look” of a ride can be very deceptive based on the graphs. Two rides may look almost identical in terms of being 3 intervals at sweet spot, and the IF/TSS might be similar, but one might kick your butt.

Just a bit higher % of FTP for a few extra minutes compounded over an hour or an hour and a half can really change the way you experience the workout.

I’d recommend just measuring your success by how well you can nail the plan itself.

As for adding an extra little spin, my personal favorite to add in after rides is Taku.

Thanks for all the advice.

Just wanted to mention that I’m new to Trainerroad and using a smart trainer, NOT new to cycling.

Also, i have no plan whatsoever except the fluid 2 goals i have (solo 200 mile 17.0mph+ & sub 5hr solo 100) so its hard to put in any plan as both of the goals are subject to favorable weather etc

But will stick to whats on calendar and maybe add the low int w/o suggested

Thanks. Stay Safe