New user and advanced user TR forum tutorials

Not sure what category to put this in but I’ve been looking at the badges, seen the ones for new and advanced user training? I’m one of those curious ones and now you’ve got me curious. Where are these so called tutorials?



I kinda like badges too, I couldn’t see it either.


Basic User Training is the DiscoBot thing. Check your messages, you would have received one when you joined the Forum. You just follow the instructions.

If you want to do the Advanced User Training, send a message with “@discobot start advanced user”


Thanks @julianoliver that was it. Also found the basic user which was in the welcome email, took me a second :+1: (figured I’d get the emoji cert while I’m at it)

I must have deleted my Welcome email. Could you share the link to the new user tutorial?

Open your forum Account page > Preferences > Interface and then pick “Show user tips again” at the bottom.


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