Hunt wheels - any good?

Anyone got any experience of Hunt wheels?

The first 3 search results are likely worth a look, and several others there as well:

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Thanks. I’ll avoid them then.

Yes I use Hunt wheels good light weight wheels and tubeless ready (or set up if you request it) for a reasonable price. I think I got mine 2018 (Silver Hunt Aero Wide) they are only used in spring, summer, autumn but probably have done a lot of miles (maybe 15,000miles) but show no wear or loss of performance. I had no problem sourcing them but some folk have, Hunt are a victim of their own success and too popular :wink:

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60 day ride or return policy…how many places offer that?

I have 'em. No complaints.

I’ve had two sets, both have been great.

I have their 4 season gravel wheels on my CX bike and they’ve been great.

No complaints from me, two years worth of abuse. I have the aluminum gravel CX wheels only the spokes get loose but that’s an easy fix. Bearings and construction have been great!

I’ve got the XC Wide. They’ve been fantastic. One small true up required, and they are perhaps not as good a bead as my old Stan’s Arch rims, but they’ve been great and it’s very hard to beat the weight for the price.

Have looked them recently, the impression that I got when cross shopping the particular models that interested me was that they were no cost competitive for me in the US. Didn’t seem special in any way…

Had my Aero 50s for going on three years now. They’re currently on my wife’s bike and she’s just got back from a trip to Mallorca.

We both love them. Are they the lightest wheel set? No. Are they the easiest to set up tubeless? I’ve found Conti 5000TLs to be a pain in the a*se but Pro 1s go on easy enough.

At the end of the day, this wheel set has survived two UK winters. They’re my go-to wheel set for crit racing. They can take a bit of abuse and in my experience they’re well mannered in the wind.

Are they going to compare well to ZIPP or ENVE? I doubt there’s much in it if your comparing like-for-like, price wise.

I’d recommend HUNTs to anyone.

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I’ve done about 2500km on my 4 Season Gravel Discs, mounted with 45mm WTB Riddlers over all sorts of terrain, including things like the Tuscany Trail. They still spin smoothly and true. No complaints here.

However, I live in Germany and bought them before the UK left the EU and the Hunts were still very competitive on price. Now that isn’t the case and I would probably look elsewhere (or order them to my parents in the UK, and pick them up on a visit back).

This. Although I got to admit I’ve only ridden them for only 3000km or so.

I should add that although I have these if I were to buy today I would likely go for Enve Foundation series

I’ve had a set of aero wide clinchers on my ‘best’ bike for the past three years, in that time I’ve had no issues with them at all. They are reasonably light, look good and have proven very reliable.

Hunt also have great customer service. Two weeks ago I was involved in a crash that saw me denting the sidewall of the front rim with my left knee as I sailed over the handlebars, having hitting an immovable (movable) object. I contacted Hunt about buying a replacement rim and they responded offering either a replacement rim & spoke at 35% off list, or a new front wheel at 35% off. Taking into account the sheen rebuild cost, I went for the new wheel option and received it within two days of placing the order.

So to summarise, great wheels and great customer service. I’d certainly buy from them again.

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Currently considering some for my winter bike - want good weather sealing, wide as poss for a road bike and something that will see me through a number of wet and muddy winters in the UK.

Not sure if the X-Wide gravel 4 Seasons make sense for road use, although the roads here are more like off-road tracks and wheels take a ton of abuse with potholes and ruts etc. Otherwise its the slightly less wide 4 Seasons which are slightly lighter as well. Tempted by the X-wides as this bike may get used for a little bikepacking on mixed roads and these wheels are probably better suited to throwing some 35s on.

Any ideas or thoughts welcome.