New Trek Helmets - Ballista & Velocis

Where’s the wind tunnel data

I bought one. Either it is cooler or the sweat is evaporating better (better cooling??) or the sweat is not as noticeable dripping more too the side…whatever it is, the Limar speed won’t be used until it’s cool again in the fall.

More subjectivity…I appreciate the move away from wavecell. I thought that made the helmet hot more than anything (I have a Bontrager Circuit as well). And not being able to perch sunglasses was annoying. I’m happy to announce the new Velocis has no wavecell and therefore the perchability of glasses is back to normal. Weird how you notice something more when you don’t have it.

Further subjectivity…the back of the helmet has narrowed compared to older versions. I like the look. Whether relevant or not I like the look of low profile helmets and this one checks the box. I think it’s more how my head fits into the helmet vs. the helmet being super low profile though. One thing is for sure, it’s not as thick as a year old Bontrager Circuit.