Best modern aero road helmet? Any tests around?

Since the last tour we’ve had a huge number of aero helmets - and they’re pretty much ubiquitous across the peloton except on the hottest of days and the highest of climbs.

It used to be that the Evade 1/2 was the pick of the bunch. Fidlock buckle, lowest drag etc. It also had the magic property of fitting my 59/60 head in a medium, whereas most helmets force you into a large but this is a mushroom.

Fit aside, have any of the new group been aero tested? Weight vs safety vs watts?

New Ballista, Evade 3, Furion, Aerohead etc.

Virginia tech has the safest (semi) aero helmet as the Helios Spherical. The first proper aero helmet is the old Ballista MIPS, which is level pegging with the new Evade 3. Bit of a jump, then the Met Trenta MIPS.


I have no aero data of my own but the old Ballista certainly feels a fast helmet, has MIPS, and something I didn’t note when getting it, is very light. Worst thing is you rcan’t hold you glasses easily.

Otherwise can also recommend the vanquish though looks a bit more of a log.

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I am no expert, but what I have read is that you have to take any test results with a huge grain of salt cause there are small differences and all of those could be absolutely turned upside down with the way each helmet fits on your individual head. I would pick a newer design from a manufacturer that fits you well. Add in Virginia Tech’s for the safety factor.


And the watts saved changes by your position on the bike. Even one person’s hoods position is not another person’s hoods position because we all are different on the bike and have our head tilted slightly different angles.