New Trek Helmets - Ballista & Velocis

Nice Serotta :pinched_fingers:t3:

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Thanks! It is a ‘92 Colorado II….I’ll never get rid of that bike!

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Some more shot’s of this bad lad

TONS of photos here

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Also similar shape and vents to Smith Ignite helmet just the extended rear is different

Its the New Trek Ballista. Nothing i can find in the internet about it yet. But im going to assume it have MIPS air nods instead of liner. Hopefully Trek release it soon. It looks mad fast.

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I literally was about to post that, I am all over this helmet when it comes forsale

They are live on this website

Embargo busters… have to see if that link gets yanked down.

And my new team kit is navy blue w/ white letters / logos….that white / blue lid may be looking at getting purchased! :crazy_face:

Poked around and found this too…

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Great find!

Public on the USA site also with part numbers

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And the Velocis product page:

PS, the old Bontrager Velocis model has a fair bit of stock on hand at a decent sale price of $146 for most colors, $168 for Azure:

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Interesting they are moving away from the Bontrager branding. I wonder if this is something we will see with other components such as wheels, etc.

I got a chance to try on both the Ballista and Velocis today while picking up some stuff at the shop. The updated Velocis is a bit more “low profile” than the old one. I didn’t have an older one to compare when I tried it on but, I think it’s just not as thick. Looks better IMO. It’s tapered more in the back too which looks good to me for some reason. The new Ballista didn’t fit as good with some small pressure points on the side and more towards the back. It’s probably just my head shape but, it was an area I’ve never experienced pressure points before. Also just didn’t like the way it looked on me.

I also got a chance to try the new Lazer Vento Kineticore. Super nice, good fit too. Low profile and tapered like the Velocis with a slightly different fit. I own a Limar Air Speed so while I don’t need another helmet I think the Velocis will be cooler in the summer heat.

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Great info. I hope we will be getting in the new ones at our shop. I have tested the old Velocis and it was super comfy. I also have 3 of the Lazers (great EP deal last year) and love them all. The Venticore is great and my new go-to for aero (shelving my old Evade V1 and Bontrager XXX).


Got the Ballista a couple weeks ago and love it! I wasn’t allowed to post photos or advertise that I was wearing it.


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I wonder if this is new branding or trying to get away from the shitstorm Bontrager got when the marketing team started touting safety claims from wavecell that werent true and I believe got them sued?
Could also be rebranding as Treks premium line, similar to RSL?

How is the ventilation on the helmet? I currently have a XXX and not impressed with ventilation. It also poses some sunglasses issues for me so I’m in the market for a new one.