New Trainer Road user

This is my first topic, i’m also new in TrainerRoad.

After sme research, i am in doubt off what should i do.
Today, i’m plaaning to do my first workout on the app, the workout its the Ebbets.

I have two questions.
Elite Suito and Favero Assioma Uno. What should i use?
ERG mode, On or Off ?


Firstly Ebbets is a pretty tough workout if you’re not 100% sure of your FTP. If you want to do a workout just to see how it all works, try Petit or Volunteer.
Then you will need to a Ramp Test, but get familiar with the app etc first.

regarding equipment, use both, connect your pedals and the smart trainer to the app, and in the device options, switch on power match.

And to ERG or not, there’s always alot of discsussion about this, so try it either way, personally I am 100% ERG


Thank you for the help.
I am a long time zwift user, and i’ve done a ftp test last Sunday.

So, the pedals and the trainer will work, both of them, connected to the app?

The zwift ramp test and the trainerroad ramp test are not exactly the same so there is a chance your FTP for trainerroad could be different.

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This year, after a 3 months away from the bike, I did two ftp tests. One in the first days of february and the other one Last sunday.

I think the numbers should be correct, or close, regarding the first test, and the training after that.

I would use the Unos inside and out for power measurements. Indoors they’ll powermatch to control the Suito. I have been trying ERG for the last 6 months but I am in the position of switching back to resistance mode. I think I got better results that way before but other folk will get better results with ERG. I think with my relatively low power I am dragged into the ERG spiral of death too easily.

Yes, the app will take the power reading from your pedals, and use that to adjust / control the trainer.
That way your indoor / outdoor power measurement is as close as can be.

Theres no harm in giving Ebbets a go if you think your FTP is about right, if you find that its a too much, you can always ramp test.

If you pick a training plan, or use plan builder that always puts a ramp test first anyway.

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Help me with another thing please.
I just tried the app for the first time for a few minutes.
On zwift, i have the option to turn ON the ERG mode but on the app of TR i cant find it.

So, how the ERG mode works if i dont have that option? Or its all about the cadence ?

Mobile app:

  • Open “Devices”, open your trainer, and alter mode there.
  • Sadly, this is a pain on mobile, if you are in the habit of swapping modes.

On Win/Mac:

  • There is a mode switch at the bottom left of the screen.
  • You can also use the ‘T’ key to quickly swap modes.

Thank you :slight_smile: