New to FTP/Power...What's the best way to start?

So I’ve only been cycling for almost a year but have gotten very into it. I had owned a Peloton prior (and still do). The question is how do I get the best idea of my FTP. I’ve taken the 20 min FTP on the Peloton, but that’s probably a bit higher than on the road…or more likely on the road I’ve never done an all out effort in the same way. On the Peloton my FTP is around 310. On 30 miles rides my avg. power is in the 210-225 range with normalized power around 240-250.

Anyways, I am interested in using data a bit more to understand progress and train more effectively…even though I am not really training for anything in particular.

Any help on best resources on how to start using FTP/data would be great. I know the basics, but there is simply so much out there it’s hard to figure out where to begin.


Do you use TR plans and subscribe or just peloton riding?

I don’t use TR plans. With nicer weather I do mostly outdoor riding. Peloton has turned into more of a winter thing.

So do you have a power meter on your outdoor bike? I’ve heard that the power readings on pelotons are widely unreliable with spreads as much as 15-20%. So I would be extremely hesitant to use that as a comparison to any other power measurement. It is probably fine if you are only using power while on the peloton as it is probably reasonable consistent with respect to itself but if you are jumping between that and a power meter on your outdoor bike I wouldn’t compare the two without somehow verifying that they line up.

I do have a stages left crank on my road bike. The numbers I quoted above are from the road bike, not Peloton.

The original Peloton bikes do not have accurate power. Ignore the power numbers from Peloton.

If you can’t use the Stages PM indoors and out, you should maintain separate FTP (indoor with Peloton and outdoor with Stages). Do a test outdoors or pick one of the seven sins.

These are helpful reads. Thanks!

Dr. Coggan coined the sins prior to TRWAP. The framework is in the book but the book relies more on WKO which was another collaboration between the two authors. The sins are more fundamental.