Indoor FTP vs Outdoor FTP why is it different?

Hi guys!
Basically been cycling for 10 months, last month i started to get more serious and start training. Most days i would ride outside, then some days in. I don’t have a power meter yet, but arrives on Tuesday. When i ride indoor, my peloton already has a power meter. When I’m on the peloton, my ftp is around 300 watts , but when I’m outdoors its significantly less than that. On an hour ride my avg power is around 187, and i feel like i’m pushing myself hard. Does anyone know why this is?

I’m confused. How are you getting your outside power info if you don’t have a power meter?

Besides that, the P bikes are known for giving wildly over-inflated power data. It is not a reliable resource.

On Strava, i guess they give you an average power output of your whole ride. It uses gps.

Strava guesstimate. It’s not accurate.


Also Peleton does not have a power meter either afaik. Also a guesstimate.

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…and two guesstimates, combined = total nonsense!

Or: have you got a Peloton Bike+, meaning power accuracy should be much better?

If you had a crank based power meter and used that inside AND outside you can compare your power output.

However, using two different power meters or worse yet, power estimates, will not be accurate enough to tell you whether your power output is different inside or out.

Also, you shouldn’t have different FTPs inside and out unless you are also changing your cardiovascular system. I think a lot of folks who think their FTP is different inside vs outside, either has two different power meters or they are just not as motivated inside.

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