New Strava Features Announced (May 2024)


Strava and Bumble :rofl:

I just hope they don’t put anymore announcements and suggestions on my Home Screen.


I cancelled my Strava paying membership a year or two ago because I saw so many clearly erroneous or fake KOM entries in my area. Strava was also impossible to contact about such issues - I could flag an activity with a clear explanation and I’d never get a response. It would be great if AI cleaned up the leaderboards, but I’m very skeptical. I’ll wait to see the results before I start paying again.


For years I’ve flagged obvious “left bike computer on” KOMs and they were immediately and permanently removed. No response required, Strava just took care of it.


for subscribers only an ‘AI Beta’ will use your activity data and, combined with your goals, offer workout guidance to help users maximise their potential

Wonder how that will work? I don’t pay for Strava so :person_shrugging:

And Strava wants to pair with this co?

Ha ha! Oh wait, you’re serious, let me laugh even harder.

(eh, to be fair I’m an old married guy. Maybe it’s actually a good idea?)

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Any mention on adding 2FA?

New feature coming soon :

“ It uses machine learning to analyse the data from every ride, run, walk, and hike and offers guidance to help you get more out of your next workout.”

This could be interesting.

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Regarding the segment boards ML news: I’m a tech lead but it was news to me when someone told me the other day that some companies call a bunch of manually coded rules ‘machine learning.’ Strava could have created these tools years ago anyway with some standard querying. I’m glad the recently added CEO has brought fresh energy though!


If it’s like any of the other platforms offering machine learning/ai to analyze and guide your training I won’t hold out much hope on it being worthwhile.

If it’s anything like their current analysis of your workouts I would suggest they don’t bother.

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You have to have AI now, whether it’s useful or not it’s a box that needs checking.


I dunno, from a high-level they all seem similar. A lot of talk about analyzing your data, and telling you what to do and how the data insights make it “right.”

Training is surprisingly simple, yet few want to master the fundamentals.


But… it’s not April 1… I don’t get it.

(It has to be a joke, right? There are enough creepy posts on women’s rides on strava already.)

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I’ve had the same (positive) experience with e-bike KOMs I flagged. I also flagged a local segment that blew through a 4-way stop sign, and that got taken down too.

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And to be clear, you can’t flag on the app. So in a mobile you have to pull Strava on a browser to flag an activity.