New SRAM Red AXS (May 2024)

If they never offer a version without the computer they can say they’re throwing in the computer “for free.” It’s a good way to drive uptake of their house brand computer, which I assume is a distant 3rd in market share behind Garmin and Wahoo.

Haven’t used a Hammerhead but listing to the EC podcast with an interview with the developer I didn’t hear anything that made me want to. “It runs on Android and you can upload your photos to it!” are features that make me want it less.

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Yeah, but come on, we all know it’s not for free

haven’t priced everything, but if you buy all parts included I think you are still a couple hundred lower in price vs the bundle, the bundle discount isn’t worth the computer imho

Talking about these components in terms of time doesn’t make sense. Similarly, if you’re buying a top of the line groupset, you are more likely to be riding the crap out of your bike. Not to be a dingus, but I already have over 5000 miles this year and usually aim for >12,000 miles in the year. I wax. I also change my chain rings based on the terrain (52/36 for usual use, 50/34 if I know I’m doing some concentrated climbing).

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Finally! (@dcrainmaker I’m gonna take credit for that)

unpopular opinion… its not annoying. I’ve still got vinyl from the 70s :person_shrugging: Maybe micro-usb won’t age well on eBay but hey my 24 yr old and me&wife had a great time going thru two boxes of memories. I’ve still got some FireWire stuff if anybody needs it :rofl:


They have this, they are just being really stingy and not giving it out with new things, though I do think they include it with Flight Attendant: Four Battery Charger | EP-EAC-BC4P-A1 | SRAM

That’s cool. I split my riding between different bikes and types of riding. Nothing is stopping you from buying the spider or any pair of high quality power meter pedals.

If you want the absolute lowest weight and highest accuracy then there’s the integrated option.

Or are people upset because they don’t want others to have nice things since it doesn’t happen to meet your use case?

Sheesh, this was aggressive. You said the integrated chainring and power meter was overblown and cited length of ownership. All I was saying is that it isn’t overblown because there are people who a. log a lot of miles on one bike (especially those of us resigned to lots of indoor training) and consequently will have to replace chainrings before a bike reaches the end of its useful life and b. it limits your chainring options for one bike (eg, could be relevant for a groad bike).

You cited a “use case” (=yours) to say that the integrated system is no big deal. I cited another (mine) to show that it could be a dealbreaker. Neither are universally collect. No need to get angry.


thats what happens when people get worked up over usb-c :rofl: just kidding, just kidding, I’m installing a new tire to replace the one destroyed yesterday by a screw. Thankfully no damage to the rim.

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usb-c would be legit nice
All I have that charges with micro are my sram chargers and Varia. Garmin needs to fix this too.


does your house or apartment have USB-C outlets for everything that needs electricity? :thinking:

what’s wrong with my house?!!!

This is just classic Internet forum folly of projecting an intent that isn’t actually there.

I have no particular emotion about this topic but it’s not unreasonable to assume I do based on the text. Likewise, a reasonable number of people would find your post about mileage to be aggressive whether you intended it to be or not.

I don’t particularly care to debate this further since there are multiple options for people who like the design as well as those who dislike it.

You can already order the whole groupset on r2-bike or choose to get the crank seperate and buy the bundle with the headunit instead. I believe they called it the upgrade kit yesterday (if you already got a crank and rings, that are still good to go) but have since changed the name. I don’t know if you have the same bundles in the US. I have to say if they threw the headunit in the whole bundle there, I’d try it out despite being in the Garmin Ecosystem.

I didn’t understand hood ergonomics for a while. I have Rival AXS levers on my gravel bike and they felt fine. Then I got Dura Ace di2 levers for my road bike. Man. Light years nicer.

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I get the feeling SRAM are just trying to make people more aware of the Karoo 3 (every search for the groupset brings it) up the Sigma Sports web site

It’s £450 more to buy the bundle of two levers and the Karoo, than it is to buy two levers separately, go to the Karoo web site and the Karoo is £450

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get decent braking with Sram is to get some other pads — FD427G1455 from Galfer are far superior to Sram’s, for instance. But Campagnolo remains the best in this area.

I was wondering if they were just bundling the Karoo with retail groupsets but looks like bikes are coming with it too.

$15k :melting_face:

My wife would divorce me if I ordered those tomorrow, the € prices are just crazy, and those are without crankset.

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Trickstuff pads as well, hope calipers, lots of options

Wish the euro shops would ship to the US :confounded: not really after red now but they have flight attendant in stock for weeks now

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the braking performance on SRAM and the new brakes won’t stop anyone faster (they use the same rotors, size and pad material), they just feel better and require less effort to actuate.

Nothing wrong with wanting better feel (it’s one of the reasons I switched to Shimano), but no pad compound is going to make the previous gen SRAM brakes feel great.