New 13 Speed Red XPLR spotted

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I think this will be the new standard - I said years ago, for me to consider 1x for all my needs, it likely needs 13 speeds. What makes this possible and not have crap shifting is the lack of hanger, so the shifting is very precise with those tiny gaps needed for 13sp on the same hub width. I guess we all need new frames to use it though lol.

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I have a feeling I will be lusting for it. Unfortunate that there probably won’t be an upgrade path for my current frame.

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I am still in “Team 2x” for gravel but if I’d ever entertain 1x, this would likely be it.


I think if they are going to bring UDH to there road/gravel line up, they would have to a clearer (other than better shifting, no stop adjusters etc, shifting under load) seperator, so I wonder if it’s going to be 13 speed = UDH, 12 = Normal

It would have been interesting to see what the front chainring size is, 46T on the rear now, larger in the front I would expect (though this was probably a pro’s bike, so larger anyway)

Shimano needed 12s GRX 2 years ago, including a 1x12 Di2 option. It seems like they should have been able to do it. They’re just falling further behind in gravel and I’m not sure they grasp the concept of 1x on gravel.


Yeah, as mentioned elsewhere here and the Geek Warning Podcast, Shimano is essentially a generation behind for 1x at best, but now more like 2 gens with this on the horizon.

Seeing what SRAM has in mind for cassettes is key IMO. They generally had plenty of range options, so using that extra cog to narrow the gaps is what I’d prefer in this option (while keeping similar wide range).


I don’t find the gaps to big on my 1x Rival AXS (42 w/ 10-44). But I wouldn’t say no to another gear.

I think the biggest wins are the better brakes and the new shifter buttons which you can use to control your head unit. And UDH seems like a good move as well


I agree, I converted my Revolt from GRX 2x to Sram Rival x1, 44 on the front, this year, and have to confess that I’ve not had any trouble with gaps, it feels like the gearing places you in the middle / higher end (small cogs) and the gaps are more inline with road in that range, with the lower end gears more for “get out” gears, where you don’t care that you are spinning, put some road wheels in and did a 300km overnight Audax, had no issues in or on the front of groups (gravel bike, long distance better for comfort and storage than my road bike, over night all the shops were shut)

I still don’t understand the need for both xplr and mtb groups. If it’s all limited to 1x, should be easy enough to have the 10-52 cassette and still offer a 10-46. (Or whatever) for folks who are concerned about weight and/or gear jumps.


As someone who bought RED XPLR 2 yrs ago this is a bit annoying. I would have bought campi ekar 10-44 13spd if it were wireless. Now Sram again has what I wanted originally but two yrs too late. Argh

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As someone who bought an Epic Evo two months before they started to go on big sales and 12 months before a new model came out…I can sympathize with your annoyance

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I bet all you would need is an RD, cassette, and chain to get the 13 speed setup going. But also it might be UDH only, we’ll see.

Backwards compatibility with Force D2 shifters would be fantastic.


I would be shocked if SRAM chose to break the ecosystem for 13 speed. The shifters are already released!


It will definitely be compatible with the shifters. The question is whether it will be UDH only. And will the MTB transmission move to 13 speed as well.

I bet the chain and sprocket spacing is the same as 12s, and the big sprocket overhangs the spokes the same way mtb 11s cassettes can fit on 10s freehubs.

I’m willing to bet it is UDH only. Not sure how you’d guarantee shifting performance on a 13sp cassette with the reduced clearance between cogs AND provide the robustness to handle gravel, rough trails, ground strikes, etc.


That would maybe be a good argument for it to be UDH only. Reduces the likelihood of bad adjustments or bent hangers putting the derailleur or chain into the spokes that are now even closer than before.

I don’t understand releasing 12 spd Red a few weeks ago to now overshadow it w/ 13spd Red XPLR.

Just seems disjointed. Seems they should have made everything 13spd.